Alyssa Dawson

If there's one thing our resident culinary host knows, it's food. She lives and breathes the stuff, whether in the kitchen whipping up some treats for friends and family, cooking with seriously-skilled chefs on-air, or sharing her latest food finds with all of us. Tune into Alyssa's segments on City Lights for fun with food, from a world-traveling, food-obsessed, adventure junkie!

Maike Evers

Originally from Adelaide, Australia, Maike has been a part of the Novus team since 2011. She is an active Realtor in Downtown Vancouver and neighbouring areas. Her passion for presenting started many years ago as she honed her skills on MTV Philippines, Channel V and The Filipino Poker Tour. Being a traveller at heart, she's currently exploring the world one flight at a time. Follow Maike on twitter (@maikevers)

Meredith Geddes

Born and raised in Ontario, Meredith first came to Vancouver 3 years ago and instantly fell in love with the culture, the beauty, the nightlife, and opportunities of the city. She currently works as a radio announcer for CFOX but in her free time you can find her exploring the many art shows, street festivals and patios that Vancouver has to offer. She also volunteers with the SPCA in her free time. Follow Meredith on Twitter at @MeredithGeddes

Natalie Langston

As an on-air reporter and entertainment personality Natalie can always be found out and about in Vancouver covering the hottest events and interviewing many celebrities and industry professionals. She loves being a part of the action and thrives on chasing down the next story. Whether she’s hosting, reporting, or producing, Natalie always manages to bring out the lighter side of stories, with a flare for entertainment news.

Nina Egan

Nina Egan is a lifestyle host, producer and writer, currently working the City Lights program. Nina has a relaxed on-screen relatability that is hard to come by.  That, combined with her hard working attitude means she is never far from the action and always on the lookout for the next challenge.  Nina has a passion for people and telling their stories, whether it be through community, sports, fashion or lifestyle pieces.  Nina has found success in creating and producing original content with a focus on human interest stories in the community.

Shawn Ayers

Shawn is a Vancouver based on-air television and radio performer with a dynamic personality and proven live interviewing skills. He has been working in broadcasting for ten years and continues to produce vibrant stories that engage the viewer. Shawn has worked in Vancouver, Toronto and New York covering local and international entertainment news stories. He has helped cover such prestigious red carpet events from the Gemini Awards to the Toronto International Film Festival. In his spare time he can be found doing yoga and outdoors hiking or running the Seawall. Shawn is thrilled to showcase the incredible people and places of Vancouver as a host on City Lights.

Shylo Sharity

Shylo Sharity began her journey in the public eye as a musician/singer/songwriter and music continues to be a strong point in her life today. Shylo has been involved in both film and television since the age of nine where she filmed several commercials. She later achieved roles and worked along side of Ryan Reynolds, William H. Macy and Kyra Sedgwick. Shylo achieved her degree in Communications/Media stream at Trinity Western University and has begun to follow a very eclectic path.

Tina Lovgreen

Growing up in Canada and Iran gave Tina perspective on the vast inequalities across the world. With interest in bringing people together, she considered a career as an international woman of mystery. When Austin Powers filled the role, she chose to then indulge in photography, film and writing in order to share the stories of others.

Jordan Wade

Jordan Wade is a well-travelled journalist, adventurer and connector who is in the midst of a three-year love affair with Vancouver. His FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has caused him to attend as many regional music festivals as possible and -combined with his love of international sport- led him to various reporting projects at the last three Olympics. He thrives on being in the heart of the action and strives to be a community catalyst, which can be seen during his hosting segments on City Lights.

Allison Riley

Allison is an actor and host and can be seen across Canada as the writer and host of the Real Estate Minute on the Real Estate Channel. Some of her film and Television credits include Fringe, MTV's Kaya, The CW's Aliens in America, Direct TV's Rogue, and Hallmark's Signed Sealed Delivered. You can also catch Allison in a recurring role in the popular series Arrow. Follow Allison on twitter & instagram @allisonriley8.

Kristine Wilson

Kristine joins Novus TV from Toronto Ontario, where She received her Broadcast Journalism degree from Ryerson University. She has been actively working as a television host and producer for the past 5 years, and has been involved in such shows as Entertainment Tonight Canada, Inside Fashion and Nightlife TV. Now living in Vancouver you can catch her covering different events around the city for City Lights on NovusTV and following new and exciting entertainment stories. Follow Kristine on twitter @kristinewilson

Mijune Pak

Named industry’s “Must Follow” at The Social Media Awards; when she’s not traveling around the world, find her covering the hottest culinary events, capturing exclusive interviews, or getting behind the scenes in the kitchen. As well as being an enthusiastic media personality, she is also the food columnist for the Westender. Follow Mijune on Twitter and Instagram at @FollowMeFoodie.

Nicola Hughes

Nicola is a fun spirited, Irish beauty. The Dublin native has already conquered the modelling world at home and in the UK, so has moved to Vancouver for a change in scenery and new challenges. She has already taking Vancouver by storm, staring in the new TV show Exiles Vancouver. Nicola is a passionate born leader, her topics will far from bore you with her controversial edge. She's a kid at heart but don't let that fool you this girl is a tough cookie. Follow nicola on twitter @nicolamhughes & instagram at nicolamhughes

Christina Meng

Born and raised in Vancouver, Christina truly knows the city inside and out. Whether you’re looking for a trendy dinner spot, a great local boutique or a hidden gem to grab a drink, Christina is your go to girl for a recommendation. Christina fell in love with broadcasting after interning at CTV and has been actively hosting and reporting ever since. When she’s not in front of the camera, Christina can be found tearing up the dance floor anywhere that plays hip hop, cheering on the Canucks anywhere with a TV, or hanging out with her Labradoodle Bert, just anywhere. Christina is thrilled to be a host for City Lights and is looking forward to further exploring this awesome city we call home!

Amanda Wong

Amanda's insatiable longing to learn constantly and immerse herself in new cultures, has brought about spontaneous adventures and irreplaceable memories. These sentiments, complimented by a warm heart, sensitive personality and mature soul, allow her to navigate the world enthusiastically, cultivating her love of making new friends, a great passion for food, and a joyous affection of the fine arts. In her travels, Amanda enjoys discovery and story-telling, bringing her strong familial upbringing and obsessive consumption of film and literature along with her when she visits new places (she currently floats rapturously through Wong Kar Wai's Hong Kong).