The Real Houses of Vancouver

From luxurious and custom built mansions to the cribs of local celebrities and even the downright unusual, The Real Houses of Vancouver highlights properties in Metro Vancouver that truly stand out from the crowd of cookie-cutters.

City Lights

City Lights Focuses on Downtown Vancouver’s entertainment lifestyle. Covering everything from restaurant reviews, local events, and celebrity profiles, City Lights has become the news and entertainment source for the Downtown lifestyle.

Yoga Rush

Change to say Novus Yoga guides you through a variety of movements to revitalize your mind and body.


Happy Tails

Nominated for a LEO Award for best Web Series, "Happy Tails" is a weekly show where our host, Corrin Skalbeck, showcases aspects of the SPCA, people working with animals in the community, and highlighting the bond between human and animal along with the wonderful "Pet of the Week" to showcase for adoption.


In Co-Production with Redline Media Inc 24/604 is your Vancouver Video Tour Guide to the Gems of the City. With Video Segments covering Food & Drink, Fit and Fun Activities, and Night Life, we cover a full day of places to go and cool things to do in the city.